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A versatile media professional.

Victoria is a journalist, host and producer who has worked with international broadcasters in both on-air and content creation roles. A former TV journalist and producer with Channel NewsAsia, Victoria is skilled at bringing stories to life for diverse audiences. 


She’s also a seasoned MC/moderator with over 15 years of experience in hosting live and virtual events: conferences, award ceremonies, product launches, corporate functions, as well as live stadium crowds of 10,000 and more. 


Attuned to local and international cultures, Victoria has worked with clients from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

A relatable and warm conversationalist.

Victoria has a knack for asking questions that get to the heart of the matter. She’s able to connect and communicate with a broad spectrum of people, whether they are high-profile personalities or the man on the street.

She’s interviewed global newsmakers such as Pixar President Jim Morris, ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising, Hollywood actor Adrian Grenier, renowned architect Paul Tange, award-winning creator of We Bare Bears Daniel Chong, and Singapore’s first female F-15 pilot Nah Jinping.

An advocate of using media for good.

Victoria works with different media platforms and companies to tell good stories, and stories of good. She believes that more stories of societal needs and positive impact need to be told.

Through her TV features, she’s raised awareness for issues such as the inclusion of persons with disabilities, the diabetes epidemic in Southeast Asia as well as the global fight against plastic pollution. She’s also highlighted numerous unsung heroes, and spearheaded a series on the beauty of traditional fashion from different cultures.

Victoria especially enjoys creating and being a part of original content in these genres: Lifestyle, Human Interest, Social Issues, Culture and Travel.

Fun Facts

• Victoria is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She’s grown to call both Malaysia and Singapore home – having made peace with her 10-year sleep deficit as a causeway kid.

• The first interview Victoria produced was with one of her favourite singers… Ed Sheeran! Talk about learning quickly (not to get starstruck) on the job.

With Ed Sheeran.jpg

• Speaking of sleep deficits: Victoria’s first role in the newsroom saw her working the 2:00AM shift to write and produce news for the morning show.

• Victoria holds a Master’s degree in media & journalism, completed on full scholarship from The University of Sydney.

• She also has a B.A. (Media & Communications, Political Science) from The University of Melbourne, where she received the Dean’s List Award and interned with the Victorian State Parliament.

• Prior to creating content as a TV journalist & producer at Channel NewsAsia, Victoria was marketing content for FOX International Channels (FOX, National Geographic, Star World). This background equips her with a unique mix of journalism, production and marketing know-how.

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