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MC & Moderator

Victoria is a seasoned MC/moderator who's skilled at hosting a variety of live and virtual events: conferences, award ceremonies, corporate functions, product launches, as well as live stadium crowds of 10,000 and more.


She brings over 15 years of emceeing and moderating experience across Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

As a TV journalist and host, Victoria’s on-screen presence and interviewing expertise translates effectively to the stage. Her broadcasting professionalism elevates the atmosphere of events, while her natural warmth and ability to improvise strengthens connection with audiences.

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What Clients Say

"Victoria displayed remarkable flexibility, expertise, and poise throughout our inaugural LinkedIn Experience Day event. Throughout the event, she seamlessly adapted to any situation while maintaining professionalism, and her graceful presence added a touch of elegance.

I am grateful for her partnership and commitment to ensuring the success of our event. Her remarkable ability to energize the audience while remaining relatable is truly admirable. Engaging her as the emcee was undoubtedly one of my best decisions for the event, and I haven't looked back since!"

Irene Ong

Head of LinkedIn, Malaysia

For enquiries on hosting an event or moderating a panel,

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